Blog 2 : Hot Relationship Tips


‘Everyone Breaks Sometimes Addulery & Affairs. ‘People desire what they can't have’ from self help book ‘Live Your life Like You Lived it Before 2018 Malcolm Bateup Austin Macaulay Publishers. Some people believe dating is a game where men enjoy the chase. If you like them make them wait and you will respect yourself and boost your own self worth and self esteem and this will make your more desirable to the opposite sex. The green eyed mister called jealousy and envy where two people are involved in a broken sexless relationship and are attracted and desire for a affair comes with its consequences. They then find out the grass is not greener on the other side and have lost everything. For me I believe pleasure of this kind of desire is temporary and won't last and has huge consequences. So stop chasing fireworks and start building contilations. Keep talking and listening to each others worries and needs and you will develop long lasting healthy relationships in the future and avoid the temptation of temporary desires.