Live Your Life like You Have Lived It Before

“As a qualified psychotherapist, coupled with resilience developed through lived experience, I have read many complicated academic books and felt there was a need to write a simple one accessible to all and easy to understand and apply in practice. My book is like giving a stranger the holy grail of knowledge to enable them to change their thinking and improve the quality of their life today. Most importantly, for people to not make the same mistakes I made, which have consequences and impacts on leading a fulfilling and successful life. I also wanted to write a book that, as well as being easy to read, quickly and at any time, when life becomes difficult, can be used as a pocket-reference book and effective mental toolbox. Live Your Life like You Have Lived It Before is a book about being given the information and knowledge amazingly and powerfully right now before you start your life so you don’t make the same mistakes made by countless people all over the world. “By exploring our world as we grow up, we learn by our mistakes, some which are vital and have consequences that affect the rest of our lives. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have lived your life like you have lived it before? This book is a practical guide on how to become successful and not make those errors and fall into the trap everyone else does, which ultimately results in failure and unhappiness.”